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Saloni: Nurturing Hope and Transformation Through RHA's Fight Against Hunger

Saloni Sharma, a key member of RHA, chose to address hunger because of a personal experience that deeply resonated with her. Her act of feeding someone in need made her realise the simplicity of helping.

"The problem is so big, but the solution is very little. Millions of people do sleep hungry each night, but if we all take some smaller steps, it won't be a big problem anymore", Saloni says. She believes that even small efforts, like giving a Frooti to a hungry child, can collectively solve the significant problem of hunger.

Being part of RHA has not only allowed Saloni to help others but has also transformed her personally and professionally. "It is weird, but I got better at Excel." Saloni said it humbled her, instilling gratitude, and professionally made her more confident and disciplined. RHA, with its diverse team of Robins, including teenagers, kids, and retirees, unites everyone in the fight against global hunger.

"Whenever I see someone wasting food, I feel sad or angry. The thing I do is communicate." Saloni communicates the importance of not wasting food, using it as an opportunity to educate others about the plight of those who go hungry. She never wastes food herself and always carries Parle G to share with those in need.

"I never waste any food on my plate," she said. "Being a mother, I always tell my daughter not to waste food. There are people who are not very lucky to get enough food." Saloni, juggling her roles as a mother and professional, emphasises prioritisation and passion in achieving goals. She believes in the power of commitment and discipline to balance different aspects of life. "RHA is a part of my life." We all do something to solve social issues. "We are going to make a difference," she said very passionately.

As RHA approaches its 10-year anniversary in January 2024, Saloni expresses excitement about the global gathering of Robins in February. She credits RHA for bringing positive change to her life, challenging the misconception that charitable acts offer nothing in return.

In essence, RHA teaches us not to waste food and encourages gratitude for what we have. Saloni emphasises the value of helping those less fortunate, as the returns from such acts are immeasurable.

This profile has been written by student journalists of the Re-Imagining Media Program. We are thankful to Ms. Saloni Sharma for her time and for answering all our questions patiently.

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