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Our Editorial Board Training Program is 30 hours of hands-on training conducted in schools, that empowers students to independently design, edit and produce a high-quality, school publication.

Through the course of the program we work with students to create a publication that celebrates student voice and documents the legacy of the school too.

We want to help students create school magazines and newsletters that are published regularly and  read by everyone at school!  


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The timeline & duration of the program is customizable, however our recommended duration is 5-6 months.

Who is the program for?

  • School Editorial Boards, looking to establish or refine a school magazine/publication 

  • Students looking to publish a digital newsletter or magazine for their portfolio/ CAS Project

  • Students who're part of a Media/Journalism club at school

  • The program is best suited for students from Grade 6 to 12. 

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Program Structure and Timelines

The 30 instructional hours of the program can be spread across a timeline that works for schools.  

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We offer the program in 2 modes: hybrid and online. 

Both versions include 30 hours of instructional time, to be spread over a duration convenient for the school and students.

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We begin the program with :

(a) Needs Assessment Survey for students 

to help customise the program based on students' learning levels, needs and interests. 

(b) Teacher Orientation 

to train teacher-coordinators  to conduct workshops for their students.

Student Learning @ The Editorial Board Training Program

  • The program is divided into 2 phases. In each phase of the program students are trained to create 2 editions of their publication/newsletter.

  • Students start by putting together an Editorial Guide and a Design Guide for their publication that define how their publication will look and what it will contain. 

  • Students also create a Code of Ethics and undergo Media Literacy Training in order to become responsible consumers and creators of media. 

Our Learning Modules

  • Through a series of modules focussed on writing, design and publishing, students learn what it takes to run a high-quality publication.

  • Some of our modules are listed below. School are welcome to customize the program curriculum by selecting modules of their choice.

Conductive effective interviews

Interviews add authenticity and credibility to stories. Whether it is a profile of the Principal that students are writing or a news report on the Model UN Conference conducted at school, interviews feature significantly in all kinds of writing.


In this Module, students will :

(a) learn to craft effective questions

(b) learn to identify the right source(s)/subjects for the interview

(c) explore good practices to follow during an interview

(d) use quotes from an interview meaningfully in their writing


In this article on Robin Hood Army, Vaidehi from Grade 6 interviews a key member of the RHA team!

If you'd like more information about the Editorial Board Training Program, feel free to reach out to us on


If you'd like to book a call with a member of Team Via News Didi, just click on the button below, fill out the form and we'll reach out to you within 2 business days.    

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