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Our  Story

"In late 2019, when massive protests and communal riots erupted in New Delhi, over the CAA/NRC Bill, the news became a battle ground too. I struggled to digest hateful propaganda being shared as news, Whatsapp ‘news’ forwards that peddled lies and news that left me feeling hopeless.


But what truly scared me was that my students were consuming the same news and possibly feeling the same way too. They trusted newspapers without question and narrated problematic WhatsApp forwards as the truth. 

When I as an adult - found the news unpalatable and causing more harm than good, I couldn’t in good conscience direct my students to this distressing source of (often false) information. That’s when I knew that I wanted to work towards developing resources for students to become responsible consumers and creators of  of media." 



Founder , Via News Didi 

Our  Team

Our team consists of both students AND teachers! Believe it or not, we have a great time navigating the news together and designing resources for change-makers!

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