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Join us for our upcoming dialogue on Wednesday, 27th March from 5pm to 6:30pm

Should teachers take the news to their classrooms? 

Reading the news improves students’ knowledge of current events. But, many topics in the news are not suitable for children to read or watch.

The news can help build interest in reading and enhance language skills. But, the news is complicated and not made for children


The news shows students how organizations, governments and people around the world come together to solve problems. But, more often than not, news is negative, violent, and too political for children

Weighed down by these pros and cons, should teachers let the news enter classrooms?


Join us on 27th March at 5pm, where we’ll hear from teachers, parents and students.

We’ll also answer questions like:


  • how do we take the news to classrooms?

  • what should we keep in mind when we discuss the news?

  • how do we deal with topics that aren’t suitable for children?

  • how do we make the news more constructive for children? 


WHEN: Wednesday, 27th March, 5pm to 6:30pm

FOR WHOM: Teachers and Parents

Participation in the Dialogue is free of cost.

What is the Lede-ing Story? 

It's an online dialogue or learning event centred around a question, an issue or a story that deserves discussion. 

The Dialogues are designed for students to discuss and learn about all things news and media from journalists and other experts. Our goal is to facilitate these conversations and bring adults and students to a platform where they engage on these topics as equals.

Who attends these Dialogues?

Open to any and all students, educators and adults interested to know more about these fields and engage with like minds on these topics.

Where and When do the Dialogues take place?

The Dialogues are monthly, online events. Each event will explore a different topic with a different panel of experts.

How do I sign up for the Dialogues?

You can sign up on this Google Form.

Why is it called the Lede-ing story?

The lede is a journalistic writing term that refers to the opening sentence or paragraph of a news story. It's used to summarise the most important aspects of the story. Given that we wish to have conversations on media literacy and journalism, we went with a punny name that can get us started!


Bonus tip: For a simple structure to write a lede, look at the words underlined in the headings of this concept note, and use them to tell your readers details about your stories!

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