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Prateek Waghre - A Profile

The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) is an organization dedicated to safeguarding digital rights in uncharted territories. We sat down to interview Prateek Waghre, the Executive Director of IFF about his life at IFF and the work they do!

Prateek brings a wealth of engineering expertise, backed by a decade of valuable experience gained from diverse roles in various organizations. Beyond his professional journey, Prateek is not just a solo force; he has a sprawling family that adds richness to his life. He loves to play with his lovely dog. While he's immersed in the world of organizational leadership, he finds solace and joy in the simple pleasures of reading, listening to music, and sharing moments with his beloved canine companion. Behind Prateek's success, there stands a robust support system – his family and the dedicated team he collaborates with. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in propelling Prateek to new heights. It's a testament to the idea that success is often a collective achievement, shaped by the encouragement and dedication of those who stand beside us.

Prateek aspires to cultivate an inclusive environment where openness and safety prevail. As a technologically-driven engineer, the profound impact of technology on people's lives has not only inspired him but also become a focal point of his keen interest.

As a technologically-driven engineer, the profound impact of technology on people's lives has not only inspired him but also become a focal point of his keen interest.

Over time, this interest has metamorphosed into a fervent passion, evolving into a compelling necessity. The ignited flame within him serves as the sole driving force, motivating Prateek to relentlessly pursue his goals. The team finds joy in small achievements, fostering happiness within their dynamic. However, what genuinely warms their hearts, especially Prateek, is sincere appreciation for their work and the acknowledgment of its practical utility.

The pinnacle of their happiness is reached when they hear sentiments like, "Because of you, I taught my mother about this." Such instances evoke a profound sense of fulfillment, marking not just a moment of happiness but a genuine measure of success for Prateek and the team. Navigating the intricacies of digital rights proves challenging for them, yet they persistently forge ahead. Prateek, alongside the dedicated IFF team, undertakes the formidable task of safeguarding net neutrality. Despite the complexity of articulating the essence of digital rights, their unwavering commitment propels them forward in this crucial mission. Maintaining a harmonious team balance is often a formidable challenge, but Prateek holds firm in the belief that acknowledging and respecting each other's boundaries serves as the optimal solution.

Embracing this approach not only fosters a healthier work environment but also nurtures robust and positive relationships among team members.

Prateek emphasizes, "While immersed in your passion or supporting others, it's crucial not to withhold the enjoyment of life."

This mindset significantly contributes to fostering a vibrant and healthy environment within IFF.

The encouragement to embrace life's experiences not only fuels individual well-being but also enriches the collective spirit, creating a positive atmosphere for the entire team. He describes IFF as 'Dynamic'. He says 'when there is organization there is community'. This dedication drives them to work harder for their community's improvement. Their main aim is to stand up for and amplify the voices of regular people, making sure those voices aren't drowned out by other opinions.

Prateek, without a moment's hesitation, attributes all credit to his team and workers, showcasing exemplary leadership. He advocates for the need for more organizations akin to IFF to safeguard the internet. In a final note, he imparts the wisdom, "Be open, be receptive, and be thoughtful for every experience," encapsulating a philosophy that extends beyond work, fostering personal growth and collective success.

This profile has been written by student journalists of the Re-Imagining Media Program. We are thankful to Mr. Prateek Waghre for his time and for answering all our questions patiently.

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