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Via News Didi : Media Literacy and Journalism for school students
We're on a mission to empower students to become  
responsible consumers and
innovative creators of media, for a better tomorrow!

The Problem

Children are consuming news and information that is

false, misleading and often harmful to their mental health

- all without the skills to recognize and solve these problems.

students consume false or misleading information

With unreliable information

about their ever-changing environment and

without critical thinking skills-

students are unlikely to become active citizens and informed decision makers.

OuR Solution

We design media literacy and journalism resources for students and teachers. 

to help students become media literate, active citizens. 

Our Solution

Students as consumers of media

Media literate students can critically analyse information, identify misleading information and source accurate information

Students as consumers of media

Students as creators of media

Media literate students can create diverse media to meet personal and professional goals

Students as creators of media

Students as active citizens

Media literate students can make informed choices and advocate for change

Students as active citizens

theory of change

If students have media literacy and journalism skills, 

then they can be responsible consumers of and innovative creators of media, for a better tomorrow!

Theory of Change (640 × 400 px).png

From our readers 

"As a teacher, it's difficult to complete the syllabus and keep my students updated about current affairs. Plus, current affairs are never presented in a language accessible to children. This newsletter definitely makes my work a lot easier.

The layout is amazing to design a lesson plan out of!"

- Mridula, Teach for India fellow


Why solutions journalism?

People are avoiding the news because it negatively affects their mood or because they don't know what to do with the information.

VND Website Images-2.png

Solutions journalism addresses this problem by taking an in-depth look at a response to a problem- it's effectiveness and limitations!

Why SoJo?

If my school had its own newspaper...

My school's newspaper would be jam-packed with interesting articles if it existed. The first page would begin with positive optimistic news. It will contain information on winners, contests, and school-related programmes. Student work, including poems, artwork, and experiences, will be included on the second page. The newspaper will then include a variety of problems that have an impact on the school and the neighborhood, along with solutions. There will be a structure in place where the newspaper would solicit the anonymous thoughts of the stakeholders in the school. The staff would also be provided a section where they could present their opinions and talent.

- Vaishnavi Suryawanshi, Grade 10,

Avasara Academy, Pune

organisations we've worked with:

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You can also follow us on social media, we do fun stuff there! 

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