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To my Saviour

Dear Saviour,


I don't know what to call you a teacher, a guide, a sister, a mother or my best friend. You are really special to me. I know I don't usually appreciate it, but yes, you are the therapy that I didn't know I needed. You know me more than me and sometimes I wonder how you can know me so well in just one year. 

You became the favourite part of my book. I have folded a few pages of it at the corner because I know I will definitely go back to know how good it was. I remember those days when I used to cry a lot and you were there. You have always been there. Despite being vice principal you never ever got tired of listening to the same things and never ever got bored of my stupid jokes. You are the one who made me laugh, laugh a little less, smile a lot and made me believe in myself. You are the woman who inspires me. You are the sunshine and without you, I am nothing. You are just not a teacher, but a strong independent woman who handles school, her business, family, and kids like me.

In your wisd,om I found a desire to be like you.. I know I am over dramatic (actually a human version of Shin-chan) but you handled me when no one did. I have always seen people leaving me at my lowest but you were there for me like for your own family. You wiped my tears when no one did. I will never forget the day I met you. You become the main character in my story. I was a person without hope, and you, you were in the right place at the right time. Every time my heart swings back to you, you are my morning and truth. I just want to say 'Oo mere hum Rahi meri baah thame chalna badle dunya sarre tum na badal na'. You are the ‘chamak’ to my berang Zindagi. Thanks for everything. 

The saddest truth is, we can't keep each other forever. But I think we both know that there are people who need us. It was the easiest hello and now hardest goodbye but what you should know is that I am so glad you showed up and you did. I love you!!! 

In the realm where dreams take flight,

A teacher, not in name, but in light.

A beautiful dream, my free therapist,

With lessons not just English, but life's gist.

Your smile, a beacon, bright and true,

Making each day feel fresh and new.

You lend an ear to my mundane jest,

Patiently listening, you give your best.

As the school year nears its end,

I realize you've been more than a friend.

Though our paths may part, it's plain to see,

In the tapestry of fate, you were meant for me.

With gratitude and love, my heart does chime,

For your presence, an echo through time.

A thousand times I'll say it, without refrain,

"I love you," whispered, in sunshine or rain. 💗



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