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Five Reasons We Don't Need AI Teachers

Iris, India’s first AI-generated teacher robot has recently been introduced in a school in Kerala. Iris contains an in-built voice assistant.

As of now, Iris is proficient in 3 languages. Interestingly, it was built under Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) by NITI Aayog. Iris is a major breakthrough in the field of education that will revolutionize the teaching-learning process. 

However, here are 5 reasons why I believe AI can never replace human teachers, just yet.

1. They're not Need Sensitive

As of now, AI cannot recognise students that require more attention than others. Some students have severe anxiety and as a result, AI won't be of much help.

2. AI is Mechanical

While teachers offer a human touch to teaching, with emotions, AI is not capable of the same.

3. AI Cannot Resolve Arguments in Real Time

Everyone knows for a fact that arguments are a part of life. I believe that it will take AI some more time to learn how to deal with conflicts in a way that actually helps de-escalate the situations.

4. AI isn't as fun as Human Teachers

I believe students connect with a subject more when it is taught in a fun way. In my opinion, AI knows everything, but cannot teach in a fun way as of yet.

5. Lack of Bonding

Schools are second homes and teachers the second guardians of children. This is significant to the growth and learning of children. I believe that the lack of bonding with AI will cause the children to lose interest in learning.

In conclusion, I'm not against AI in teaching. But I want them to be assistants to human teachers as I believe that no AI can replace human teachers. A lot of development is needed until AI fully replaces human teachers. In my honest opinion, that day isn't coming anytime soon.

Written by Parnika Sahu

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