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Climes in Action: Bridging the gap from Climate Intent to Climate Action

The climate crisis is complex, we all know that. There's no one solution to end the climate crisis, we know that too. But what we probably don't realise is that this complex problem needs many different solutions. In order to implement these solutions- we need money. That's where Climes comes in. In conversation with the Founder of Climes - Anirudh Gupta, we learnt how Climes is working on bringing in a lot more money to solve the climate crisis!

The Problem

Our carbon footprint has a negative impact on the environment in multiple ways-it is the main cause of human-induced climate change, contributing to urban air pollution. It impacts more than 1 billion people directly and leads to toxic acid rain, adding to coastal and ocean acidification, and it worsens the condition of melting glaciers and polar ice.

A picture from our interview where Anirudh sir explained to us what the the 'invisible' carbon problem would look like, if we could see it . Scary, we say!

More than half of Earth's population is in the firing line to face the wrath of rising sea levels, hurricanes, forest fires, locust attacks, heat waves or any other form of regular climate disasters. India is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gas, and contributor of climate change.

The Solution

Right at the beginning of our interview, after a quick discussion on the impact of the climate crisis on all our lives, Mr. Gupta said

"My company- Climes is working on bringing in a lot more money to solve the problem."

So does Climes just give this money to someone trying to solve the climate crisis?

Well, no. Climes interacts with businesses and companies and helps them finance solutions. Let's say you're a small business owner who's concerned about the amount of carbon you emit. Climes will help you finance solutions that are removing carbon from the environment to make up for emissions that you are unable to cut down. What's more? They'll present you with a number solutions that you or even your employees can invest in! So if you're interested in planting a forest or a solution in your home state - you can go ahead and choose that particular project to fund!

A screenshot from Anirudh sir's presentation

This way, Climes provides companies with accessible, real-time climate solutions to erase their carbon footprint embedded in the atmosphere; and gives them the satisfaction of being called a sustainable enterprise. Not only caressing the environment, but creating eco-friendly products and work spaces; leads stakeholders to meet their sustainable goals and exceed customer expectations.

A screenshot from the Climes website

Climes has partnered with organizations like Airbus, Hero, Make My Trip and even small businesses like Tamarind Chutney and The Pant Project.

Climes also partnered with the organisation Zing Bus to help them neutralise their carbon footprint, making it the 1st carbon neutral bus service provider. So if you're looking to book a bus ticket on Zing bus, it costs only Rs. 3 or Rs.6 to the customer for neutralising their carbon emissions and funding maybe the revival of a forest in Andhra Pradesh!

The Evidence and Challenges

So is it just smooth sailing for Climes? Go to a business, tell them to become carbon neutral and voila? Nope, not really.

"So we've talked to 550 companies, out of which 45 are partners with us. So that just goes to show that it's not easy at all" said Mr. Gupta.

He went on to add,

"One single biggest learning here has been that we can't just go to people and say that doing good for the environment is great, it's the right thing to do. People largely do things because they're good for them, not everyone else. We're all selfish, even organizations and business owners. So what we've learnt over the last few years is to tell business owners how Climes is good for them and its also happens to be good for the planet!"

So let's say there is a company that's interested in neutralizing their carbon footprint. Climes then presents to the company a climate action plan or ways in which it can support carbon removal from the environment (say by investing in a organization that's planting forests). But this isn't easy either. Another challenge is finding great partners on the ground.

Let's say there's a forestry project where we're giving them money that's coming from brands that have partnered with us. We need to ensure that they continue doing good work with that money, continue growing forests. We are only successful, if our partners are going and planting those trees'' explains Mr. Gupta.

It's safe to say that there are many challenges faced by Climes in order to facilitate the absorbing of carbon from the atmosphere in carbon sinks.

Despite these challenges, Climes is able to remove 1.5 lakh kilograms of carbon per month or about 5000 kilograms a day and that number is increasing!

The Conclusion

Global warming isn’t a prediction. It is happening. - James Hansen

A picture from our interview with Anirudh sir - The Founder and CEO of Climes!

Climate change is the biggest problem facing humanity now. Rising sea levels, increase in natural disasters and few engaging routes to take climate action at a grassroots level. If we don't tend to the need to secure our climate, it will be too late and there is no Planet B.

“Climate change is far, far worse than COVID. It affects all of us including plant and animal life ” Mr. Gupta reminds us and it's a reminder we should all sit up and take notice of. A good start to act on this reminder could be to understand our own carbon footprint. You can do that by taking this quiz designed by Climes!

This solutions focussed story has been written by students journalists of the Re-Imagining Media Program and edited by Team Via News Didi. We are thankful to Mr. Anirudh Gupta for his time and for answering all our questions patiently.


From us to Climes : A message from student journalists

Dear Anirudh sir, It was a wonderful opportunity to interview you- the CEO of Climes! It was very helpful because I got to know about the concept carbon emissions which I had never heard before. I also learnt how Climes overcomes the obstacles faced by them and how they reduce carbon footprints. A memorable moment in the interview was when you showed us the Captain Planet video which used to be popular earlier. I am very thankful to you for answering our all questions in detail and giving us your precious time.



Grade 9, Natwar Nagar MPS

Dear Anirudh sir, I was very glad to interview you because of which I learnt a lot and my questions were all turned into answers. I learnt about carbon footprint and how are are working to reduce the amount of carbon in the air. I am very grateful that I got to interview you and thank you for taking out time for us and giving us such interesting information. Regards,


Grade 8, DN Nagar MPS

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