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What Does Gen-Z Prefer More as a Medium of Expression: Brush or Pen?

Are you curious about which art form the Gen-Z find more fulfilling and enjoyable: poetry or painting? This article supported by data collected via an online survey conducted on 55 of my peers answers exactly this question.

“How many times have people picked up a brush or a pen because they couldn’t pull the trigger?”

Art is inseparable from our lives. We are more art than ourselves. After all, life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Recently, the same question has been bugging me for awhile and I decided to find the answers to it. So, as a part of the Re-Imagining Media Program, I conducted an online survey. I received an overwhelming amount of responses within an hour. 55 of my peers were a part of the online survey I conducted.

The article below is an analysis of the same. The survey findings are quite shocking to myself as the researcher. The questions I included in the survey basically revolved around asking the participants how fulfilling each form of expression felt, how much they enjoyed it and what they thought Gen-Z enjoyed more.

One of the reasons I was shocked about the research findings was maybe that I was carrying an underlying assumption all along that I realized later. Since I am a poet, I assumed that people would find poetry and literary arts in general more fulfilling and enjoyable. I thought that people would enjoy the art of storytelling more than that of paintspilling. Through the results, I came to know that most people thought that for Gen-Z, visual arts would be more fulfilling. However, the results showed the exact opposite. Most people- around 89.1% engage in storytelling. Whereas, only 19.1% people engage in visual arts. Around 69% of people enjoy storytelling more than the 31% people who enjoy visual arts.

A great deal of people (67.3%) couldn’t decide or thought that both would be equally fulfilling for Gen-Z. Overall, I believe that Gen-Z in general is becoming more sensitive to the science of art and has a keen eye for aesthetics. I believe we are going back towards the middle ages in terms of our appreciation for art. At the end of the day, art is art and all art forms are mediums of expression.

Written by Parnika Sahu

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