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"Art is very powerful. It can be used both as a tool and a weapon"

- in conversation with artist Saumya Babbar.

17 and passionate for art, Saumya talks about the many manifestations of art in society today and their cultural repercussions, as in the view of a youthful creator. She also expresses her hopes and aims for the art space.


A high school senior, Saumya likes to say that she’s an artist. Saumya shares very strong feelings about the evolution of her art. She feels that her art style has evolved paramountly over her years as an artist. Earlier focussed on being more conventional and creating art just to serve an aesthetic purpose; she feels that now her art has evolved to not be so restrictive and she draws how she feels.

Describing her art as wholly emotive and expressive she believes that art is not made to serve the purpose of anyone rather to express what an individual feels, a purpose similar to poetry and literature.

Saumya has been running an artisanally charged instagram business by the name of ‘Sauphoria’ since April of 2020, the grid acts as an emotionally expressive wall for her to represent the work that she creates. One of her favourite pieces of art, a comic strip she posted on 16th of February 2022, talking about her current mental state, has received over 300 likes and has been praised greatly.

Talking about changes in art over the years she feels that the art space has grown exponentially. Both in terms of inclusivity and the number of people trying to make a name for themselves in the space. She feels that topics like artisanal nudity and homosexuality having gained a more important social pedestal are also expressed with more gravity and accuracy in art.

Saumya also feels that the difference between digital and traditional art is not a discriminatory differentiation rather very objective in nature.

As a primarily digital artist, she does however feel that an unfair distinction comes up when people assume digital art is much easier than art on paper. She feels that there is such enormous scope with digital art that the amount of tools available can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, but that challenge makes it even more intriguing to pursue it. She also applauded the movie ‘Spiderman Across the Spider-verse’ as a testimony to the power of digital art.

Commenting on the recent drama with hip hop artists Gunna and Young Thug, where their lyrics and album covers have been used to prosecute them for gang related activities; Saumya says ,

‘Art is very powerful can be a tool or a weapon, while artistic integrity and freedom of expression is important, they need to realise that their audience is very impressionable and act accordingly’.

Saumya is an inspired artist, drawing inspiration from her mother, an interior designer who has her own home decor brand and her father, who is passionate about woodwork despite being a corporate professional. From the art space she hopes for greater acceptance and inclusion especially from families of aspiring artists. For her own future, Saumya aims to attend an art college and establish a greater career in art some day. My best wishes are with her and I sincerely thank her for her time.

Please do check out her social, @sauphoria on Instagram.

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