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Re-Imagining Media Program =
Media Literacy + Solutions Journalism 

Does the news sometimes makes you go like this - 🙈 ?

 Do you wish that you could fact-check information like a pro?

Do you wish you could write stories and use your voice for social impact? If you answered these questions with 'yes', then we're with you, friend

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Much like the air we breathe, the information we consume is becoming increasingly polluted. 

But, we're on a mission to fix it! 

(Information pollution, not air quality)

The Re-Imagining Media program will help students become responsible consumers and innovative creators of media,

for a better tomorrow!

Here's how:

Learn from experts to become fact-checkers and ask the right questions!

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Learn from journalists to set-up a student led magazine, newsletter or news website!

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Applications for the Re-Imagining Media Program are closed for now. 

Our next edition will take place in April 2023!

You can read our Program Report for the October' 22 edition here. 


In case of any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at vianewsdidi@gmail.com

We'll be happy to help :)