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Re-Imagining Media Program :

Resources and Reports

Student-led newsletters from the Re-Imagining Media Program (July'23)

 In teams of 4-6, students learnt to create their own digital newsletters. Read them below: 

Team 1 .png

Yours Sustainably

A student-led newsletter that strives to ignite a fire inside the hearts of today’s youth to take initiative and contribute to a future that holds a healthy, clean and green planet Earth.

RMP July'23 Newsletter Logos.png

Equally Loud

Through this newsletter, student journalists aim to untwine the gnarls of embedded disparities in schools, by providing solutions based news to students and teachers, and proffering a more inclusive and enthusiastic school environment.

Inclusive Horizons.png

Inclusive Horizons

A student-led newsletter on a mission to spread awareness on discriminatory practices in India in a truthful and simple way.

Art Fusion Chronicles-2.png

Art Fusion Chronicles

A newsletter that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. We aim to share stories, perspectives, and experiences from different cultures, backgrounds, and communities, fostering understanding, empathy, and unity among our readers.

Cultural Canvas.png

The Cultural Canvas

This newsletter hopes to raise awareness about different forms of art and culture and write simple, conversational pieces for students to inspire in them real connections and unity.

RMP July'23 Newsletter Logos-3.png

The Knowledge Chronicles

Through this newsletter, student journalists are on a  mission to empower learners by spreading awareness about the evolution of education and help learners reflect and contribute for impact.

Re-Imagining Media Program Oct'22 Program Report.gif

In these reports, you'll find details of our sessions, student output and even insights from our mentors i.e journalists who facilitated sessions as part of the program!

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