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Media-Makers Fellowship:

Resources and Reports

Read all the issues of DIY Digest
- the weekly zine of the Media-Makers Fellowship (Apr-May'24) :

All zines are created for teens, by teens.

A zine is a format-free, flexible way to publish stories and voices that don't usually make it to mainstream media. 

Our zine is edited by student journalists Krittika and Vaishnavi, 

both former participants of the Media-Makers Fellowship

You may find our zines to be too cool for school-

They've got recommendations & reviews, opinion pieces, crosswords, podcasts and more by some seriously talented teens.  

Interviews with a TOI journalist, a vegetable vendors and an inspiring best friends and other interesting individuals make their way to the first edition of our zine.

Oh and we've also got a  crossword that only participants of the Media-Makers Fellowship can solve!

MMF Apr'24  Zine Week 3.png

In this issue, tenacious teens share their opinions on everything from women's reservation in politics to the latest rom-coms in town. We've also got photo-essays that document the lives of our canine companions and even a trip to the sabzi mandi. Don't miss our Prompt and Response section where teens tell us what they wish their parents knew about them!

An open letter to Prachi Nigam, a review of Laapata Ladies, positive news and 6 incredible podcasts created by our teen podcasters at the Media-Makers Fellowship - all this and more in the second issue of our zine! 

 MMF Apr'24  Zine Week 4.png

"Films, documentaries, video stories innately bear a great truth about human existence." says Co-Editor-in-Chief - Krittika as she introduces the zine. From videos on Chennai's colonial architecture to  a portal to Portuguese Goa - we've got it all. Don't miss Vaishnavi's heart-felt open letter to Sunil Chhetri or Meenakshi's review of One Piece. As always, we've also got interviews with our teen creators (and interns) who spill the beans on all things media and more!

Re-Imagining Media Program Oct'22 Program Report.gif

In these reports, you'll find details of our sessions, student output and even insights from our mentors i.e journalists who facilitated sessions as part of the program!

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