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Re-Imagining Media Program :

Resources and Reports

Student-led newsletters from the Re-Imagining Media Program (Apr'23)

 In teams of 4-6, students learnt to create their own digital newsletters. Read them below: 

TV Remote

Media Musings

Diksha, Urja, Nivrrithi, Tejas and Prachi explore media's role in influencing young adults. 

Image by NEOM

Restoration of Empires

A history and archeology newsletter by Rutuja, Tanisha, Laya, Inaara and Advaita 


Both Sides of the Coin

Vaidehi, Ekta, Krittika, Shreya and Anushka write about critical problems that students face and solutions too.

Image by Jaredd Craig

Impact Inspirers

Princi, Bushra, Fazil, Arjun and Nehal reimagine the Indian curriculum and education system through a students' lens.


Teaching what you don't know

Grace, Dhanvi, Niharika, Bhavana and Krishay have heart- to-heart discussions about everyday struggles with the education system.

Image by Brendan Church

The 9 to 5

Meenakshi, Nikitha, Anoushka, Nishtha, Gaurav and Priti explore careers and student choices!

Image by Li-An Lim

Team 7's Newsletter

Devadyumn, Priyanshu, Keya, Vaishnavi and Greeshma write about climate change and how individuals can lead sustainable lives 

Re-Imagining Media Program Oct'22 Program Report.gif

In the report, you'll find details of our sessions, student output and even insights from our mentors i.e journalists who facilitated sessions as part of the program!

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