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What's one thing you know to be true about your mental health?

We asked students to answer this question in no more 100 words. Here are the top 5 responses we got from students:

My whole life, I craved for everyone to like me. So much so that if you wanted my opinion on something, I would have said what they wanted instead of what i wanted, because i wanted to fit in. Eventually, i went through a terribly lonely month and i needed company. The ones I used to change myself for, proved that there was no reason for me to chase them like a puppy who craved the attention of a neglecting owner. Now, healing, I am trying to establish my own path, with myself speaking up for me from within me.

By Bhumika Chouhan, Grade 9


With time, it becomes crucial for us, especially teenagers, to be aware of our mental health which I think I have achieved. I have often heard my peers saying things very casually like- “I am depressed” or “My anxiety is at it’s peak”. This, I believe are extreme terms. At this age when we often form mindsets, it is vital that we identify what we are feeling, recognise the distinction and most importantly, know how to manage it. I have learnt that reliable adults and experts like counsellors should be our point of contact for such circumstances.

By Tejaswini Subhash Chandane, Grade 11


For me, mental health has always been a theory. Until last month. To remain physically fit, I would sweat, eat, and sleep. Despite all of this, my mind would zone out. I would look around, vacantly. Something felt incomplete. My mental well-being was starving. My thoughts were occupied like a prisoner in jail. My priorities would become shattered glass as a result of the stress. I was running on a route with no support. I paused, panting heavily. Looked around. I noticed the people who were waiting to hear me. I went right away and dumped my feelings and emotions. Talking to people heals my mental health.

By Vaishnavi Suryawanshi, Grade 11


I have seen my classmates and friends break down under the stress, trauma, and exam pressure many people my age face, hence I can say for certain that my mental health is stronger than most. While they navigate relationship troubles, family situations, and academic stress, I’m lucky to have never faced similar difficulties in my life. However, I recognize that individual experiences may be different from mine, and cannot be generalized. Nevertheless, I am committed to taking proper care of my mental health. I understand the importance of maintaining a happy mind, as it is essential for a healthy life.

By Shaunak Beura, Grade 12


One thing I know that is true about mental health is that it isn’t taken very seriously. I am concerned about this because teenagers are resorting to unhealthy ways to cope with bad mental health. Most people my age do not feel comfortable talking about their feelings, sometimes even to their own family and friends. I can resonate with this since I have experienced it firsthand. I wish to eliminate this stigma around mental health that makes us feel trapped, and like we do not have a safe place to express ourselves without being judged.

By Manasi Badhe, Grade 11

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