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To my little warrior!

My dear Champ and Warrior,

As I sit down to write to you, my heart aches with the knowledge of the chaos you are enduring in Gaza. You, my kiddo, are the one facing the harrowing reality on the ground. I cannot fully comprehend the fear and adversity weighing upon your shoulders and here I am suffering within my existence of not being able to do anything. For being a mere human, who is powerless and suffering through her mental and emotional pain granted by humans around me. I want you to know that even though I may not be there beside you, I carry your pain in my heart, and I wish for nothing more than peace and safety for you and your loved ones. I can’t foresee who is around you when this letter reaches you, but all I want is to see you alive and thriving through it.

It's YOU who is present there. I cannot begin to understand the fear and hardship you must be experiencing during this time. The sound of explosions, the sight of destruction, and the feeling of uncertainty must weigh heavily on your young shoulders. No child signed up for such a destiny and horror. All of us wanted a world where we thrive through our experiences of happiness and sorrow and celebrate our victorious success. I am ashamed to be this selfish to share this peace around me with only a few. You have the right to blame each one of us for adjusting to the horrific silence. In despair, I urge you to cling to hope. Though I, too, struggle with my fate, I want you to understand that hopelessness is intrinsic to life. Hope, however, remains a beacon of unwavering brightness, piercing through the darkest of times.

Know that my heart resonates with yours and with every child affected by this conflict. While I wish I could shield you from harm, all I can offer are words of comfort. You are not alone. Across the globe, countless souls empathize with your plight and stand united with you in spirit. Though separated by miles, our hearts are tethered by the bonds of compassion and care.

Please know that you are not alone. There are people all over the world who see your struggle and stand with you in spirit. We may be miles apart, but our hearts are connected with the thread of love and care. I want you to know that your feelings are valid. Your emotions are a natural response to the chaos and injustice that surrounds you.

But I also want to remind you of the strength and resilience that lies within you. Despite the darkness, there is a light that shines within you, a light that cannot be extinguished by bombs or bullets. Hold on to that light, My little champ, for it will guide you through the darkest of nights.

And remember, even amid this conflict, there are moments of kindness and humanity that remind us of our shared humanity. Look for those moments, hold on to them, and let them fill you with hope for a better future. I give my words somewhere in further time, you are going to be rescued and given the authority to live your life!

Above all, know that you are loved. You are precious and deserving of a life free from fear and violence. Never lose hope, my kiddo, for as long as there is hope, there is the possibility of peace.

With all love and concerns

To my little inspiration of a warrior!

Written by Meenakshi Yadav

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