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"If my school had its own newspaper..."

We asked students from Grade 6-12 to complete this sentence in no more than 100 words. Here are the top 10 entries:

“My school's newspaper would be jam-packed with interesting articles if it existed. The first page would begin with positive optimistic news. It will contain information on winners, contests, and school-related programmes. Student work, including poems, artwork, and experiences, will be included on the second page. The newspaper will then include a variety of problems that have an impact on the school and the neighborhood, along with solutions. There will be a structure in place where the newspaper would solicit the anonymous thoughts of the stakeholders in the school. The staff would also be provided a section where they could present their opinions and talent.”

Vaishnavi Suryawanshi, Grade 10

Avasara Academy, Pune

“If my school had its own newspaper, it would be something students would look forward to. Keeping them up-to-date with the latest hot topics around the globe, with the perfect balance between fun and important matters. But most importantly, it would be the perfect outlet for students to exhibit their creativity and find a place to express themselves, whether it be through words, photographs, or the title of the newest YouTube video they've uploaded of them doing something they love. The once-in-a-lifetime experience of being part of an editorial team would help students flourish in life. The possibilities are endless."

Zaara Khan, Grade 11

Eastern Public School, Bhopal

"My school newspaper would be a lively, student-led publication filled with articles, opinion pieces, features, and photographs. It could cover a range of topics, including school events, student achievements, educational articles, and local news. The newspaper could also have dedicated sections for sports, arts, and academics, and feature a student-run advice column and comic strip. The newspaper could be distributed bi-weekly or monthly and serve as a platform for students and staff to express their creativity and share information with the school community."

Garvit Surana, Grade 8

Sanskriti The Gurukul, Guwahati

“If my school had its own newspaper, it would be a hub of student-driven content and creativity. From thought-provoking editorials to visually stunning photo spreads, the pages would be bursting with student perspectives and talents. Student reporters could delve into pressing issues and advocate for positive change, while the "Student Life" section would keep everyone up-to-date on the latest campus events and trends. The school newspaper would also provide a platform for students to showcase their artistic side with comics, poems, and creative writing. Overall, the school newspaper would be a source of inspiration and pride for the entire school community.”

Payal Rathod, Grade 11

Avasara Academy, Pune

“If my school had its own newspaper, then I would probably like to work for it. I would be editor, or one of the journalists. The thrill of finding stories and reporting them would be highly evident in the enthusiastic student- journalists. School newspapers would provide an early opportunity for budding journalists to hone their skills in a friendly, local environment. It would also be extremely helpful for the shy students who are not very efficient in expressing their views and thoughts. A school newspaper could also be an outlet for students to anonymously voice their displeasures against teachers! ”

Shaurya Jain, Grade 8

Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad

“If my school had its own newspaper, it would be named " The Avasara Express." It would be completely handled by a group of student representatives consisting of students from each grade. The representatives would be unbiased and present news without modifying its authenticity. It would be a monthly newspaper, including various articles and photographs which would take us through significant and interesting things happening across all grades and the staff committee, along with some important current affairs. It would also share about the big upcoming events in school. Lastly, our newspaper would also be a platform for all students to share their voice, opinions or any artwork.”

Vaishnavi Pandey, Grade 11

Avasara Academy, Pune

“If my school had its own newspaper, I'd call it Stars of Tomorrow. It would have sections on school news, sports, announcements, events, and achievements, and also a student section to showcase stories and experiences, including profiles, interviews, and opinions. I would use images, colors, fonts, and clear headings to make it attractive and easy to navigate. This would impact students, their parents, and the community by showcasing students articles in Stars of Tomorrow. Students would become more confident and encouraged to take on new challenges and participate in school activities. We, the stars of tomorrow, can start shining today”

Nazim Kasim Shaikh, Grade 9

Nehru Nagar MPS, Mumbai

“If my school has its newspaper, it will ensure every student's voice reaches out to our school authorities. It will be a space for not just issues, but also for portraying their creativity. The newspaper team will have school students where they will play the role of a journalist, cover page designer, and core team member so it gives them the chance to showcase their leadership skills like communication, innovation, creativity, critical thinking, and decision-making. A special name will be given to the newspaper team, Avasara press. every month it will publish its new issue with new updates and simple and elegant design.”

Ekta Pathak, Grade 11

Avasara Academy, Pune

“If my school had its newspaper, it would not be a newsPAPER. We would call it "Kalaa-e-Khabar". A fusion of creativity, news, and technology. A duo of a teacher and a student would recreate the news articles and narrate them through art- poems, paintings, mandalas, songs, and dance videos. What now? Where do we store this information disguised as memories? Technology! We reserve these in Canva. This is not how Kalaa-e-Khabar ends. A tinge of fun- games, mood trackers, and riddles will let the memories live forever. Surprise Alert: We love sharing. My school's newspaper is open to everyone."

Simran, Grade 9

Mohili Village MPS, Mumbai

“If my school had its own newspaper, it would be the perfect means for information to travel around without whispers echoing through the halls. With gossip columns and comic strips of crazy class chronicles, our school newspaper would find a copy of itself in the hands of every student. It would also have detailed updates on school events and commentaries on breaking news stories from around the world, written and illustrated by the students. As the cherry on the cake, our newspaper would have a creativity corner to keep brewing new ideas and inspire more minds with every edition."

Prashanthini Sundar, Grade 10

New Middle East International School, Chennai

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