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Gratitude for Guiding Lights: A Letter to Our Mentors

Dear Mentors,

You all carve our way, 

Molding futures, minds each day,

Guiding every step.

Every day, I was (and still am) greeted with familiar sayings that have become ingrained in my memory:

cue a committed human running after me with a pen in hand "But VAIDEHI! It’s d-e-f-i-n-i-t-i-o-n, not d-e-f-i-n-a-t-i-o-n!"


"Bachcho! Hashiya (margin) banaye nahi to marks katenge!"

"How many times will I tell you– DO THE MAP WORK WITH A PENCIL!"

"It’s not hard if you study. It will be hard, though, if you sit like this and forget your homework!"

“You know, it’s correct, but it’s incorrect. It’s incorrect, but it’s correct.”

"Good morning children!" cue singsong chorus of goooooodmooooriningmaaaaaam

Paulo Coelho once said, “It’s the simple things that are the most extraordinary.”

These simple instances remain etched in my mind, serving as reminders of the loving, supportive, strict, kind, and tolerant individuals who have influenced and shaped our lives.

Have we ever pondered upon the immense significance of the tiny little pink correction marks in your notebook? Or the extensive, one-page feedback (which you probably did "notice") that arrives twice a year in our fated report cards? Have we ever considered how tiresome it must be to reprimand the same student every single day or listen to the loud drawl of “I didn’t get it” at least twenty times a day? Frankly, I wouldn’t last five minutes hearing the same thing over and over again.

These seemingly trivial gestures demonstrate that our teachers were always there for us—always have been and always will be. From the minutest explanations to supporting every step we take in life, they stand by us, and the least we can do is express gratitude to these resilient angels.

So, to each and every one of you, I offer my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for your unwavering dedication, for watching over me, for guiding me, for correcting my spelling errors, and for nudging me out of my comfort zone when needed. Though my words might fall short of capturing the depth of my appreciation, please know that they are offered with utmost sincerity.

With loads of love,


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