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From our student journalists List

Body Positivity in the Classroom

Student journalist Siddhi explores what it takes to create body positive classrooms

Can Solutions Journalism fix the news? I asked 5 kids

Student reporter Advaita Mehrotra speaks to 13-17 year olds about Solutions Journalism.

Cli-Fi- the tonic prescribed by authors for eco-anxiety

Student journalist Nivrrithi shares her opinion on how cli-fi can help cope with eco anxiety.

Climate-Fiction: Championing Climate Change

Student journalist Nishtha Sehgal explores the advantages and limitations of eco fiction

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Creating Body Positive Classrooms

Student reporter Vaidehi Pants speaks to teachers and students about creating body positive classrooms

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Do kids see all kinds of bodies represented in their textbooks?

Student journalist Jhankaar Purohit talks about body positive content (or the lack thereof) in classrooms!

I attended a session on Solutions Journalism and here's what I learnt

Student journalist Amena Fatima writes about her introduction to Solutions Journalism

Of Body Types and Body Positive Influencers

Student journalist Ananya Kakar explores body positive content on social media

Of Hypocritical Societies and Personal Inspirations

Student reporter Ananya Singh explores the role of fashion brands in promoting body positivity

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Social media: a means to uplift you or pull you down

Student journalists Maanya and Rupangana explore how social media affects body image

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