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Impact of Media on Teenagers

Recently several teenagers from Delhi were surveyed about how the media is

affecting them nowadays. This article is a product of that data's analysis. You might be surprised at the responses.

I surveyed some teenagers and it was not surprising that almost 40% of them use their device for more than 5 hours per day.

Responses to the question, "How many hours do you use your device on a daily basis?"

I asked these teens about the benefits of using social media and there were some crazy responses from them. Teens nowadays not only use social media for entertainment purposes but also for their skill development which is more visible in teens today.

I also asked them about the disadvantages of using social media and 86.7% teens agree that it is time consuming. 46.7% teens feel that it promotes cyberbullying and negative feelings due to excessive use of media.

After asking about the emotions they face while using media I found out that almost 80% of teens use media as it makes them happy, and 46.7% feel motivated while using media.

Talking about the negative side of media, I found that 46.7% teens feel anxious while using it.

Asking them about how these emotions impact their well being I found out that almost 46.7% teens feels that their mental health is getting affected and their emotions is controlling them but on the other hand 40% teens feel that it is inspirational and it boosts their confidence.

Talking about the impact the media is making on these teens, I found out that 93.3% of the teens feel that media is impacting them both positively and negatively.

This leads us to the conclusion that using media is a good thing but only when it is used in limit.

Written by Prachi Sohil

This data-driven article has been written by a student journalist as part of the April'23 cohort of the Re-Imagining Media Program.

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