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Of Body Types and Body Positive Influencers

Student journalist Ananya Kakar explores body positive content on social media

Of Body Types and Body Positive Influencers

Heroin chic was a style popularized in early-1900’s fashion and characterized by pale skin, dark circles underneath the eyes, emaciated features, androgyny, and stringy hair—all traits associated with abuse of heroin or other drugs. Well, guess what, bad news, it is back in style. Not long ago, we were romanticising a curvy body type and it was all over the media. People were trying their hardest to fit into these beauty standards and then suddenly this trend changes and a very thin body is what is glorified now. This article by body and soul explains this shift better and lists some of these “trend setters”.

Our society implements some very unhealthy and unattainable beauty standards for us. While some might deny, it does affect the mental health and makes us question ourselves. Is our body not ideal since it's not showcased in the magazines?

Our bodies are not supposed to be put in a box. Everyone is different and so are their bodies. If only a certain body type is represented in magazines or newspapers, it negatively affects the people who do not have the same body type. Hence, the importance of Representation. Like the name suggests, it means to represent every corner of the society that we live in, to represent different types of bodies, skin colour, hair, etc. 

Representation is an extremely important aspect; it truly matters and brings about changes. EVERY BODY DESERVES TO BE REPRESENTED. 

Unfortunately, Representation is something we still need to work on.

Recently people have voiced their opinions regarding the issue of “trending body types.” Some influencers have been tagged as “Body Positive” which means that they promote a loving and healthy relationship between people and their bodies. They change their mindset and influence them to love themselves. The two influencers we would really like to talk about are-

1. Spencer Barbosa is a 20-year-old Canadian who has changed lives by the amazing body positive content she posts! She is extremely candid with her followers and has a charming personality. She even owns a brand, ‘youaresomethingbetter’ which is inclusive of many sizes ranging from XS to 4-XL. On interviewing a 16-year-old teenager, she talked to us about how she has developed a great relationship with her body after having struggled with body image issues all because of Spencer and her positive videos.

“About one year ago I discovered Spencer Barbosa, during a time when I was at my lowest and felt extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. I was depressed and wanted to be skinny. I used to hate my body so much and wished I could develop an eating disorder to lose all the weight. Since food was something, I used to love so much, I thankfully could not develop an ED. Spencer really motivated me and helped me pass through that phase through her body positive videos. I am so thankful to her, she has made me into a confident person who really likes her body now, if not love.” Says a 16-year-old teenager, residing in India.

You can check out Spencer’s Instagram here.

2. Sakshi Sindhwani is a creator and a model. With almost 530k followers on Instagram, she represents all the big girls out there and teaches them how to love themselves. She recently opened the show for limerick, and walked on the ramp at the Lakme fashion week, walking with confidence and style and breaking the stereotypes that you need to be “skinny” to model.

“Sakshi is an amazing influencer; I truly love her and her style. I adore how she embraces her body and carries it with confidence. She gives me the inspiration to love my body and carry it the way she does, however I still need some work on that” Says one of Sakshi’s followers.

You can check out Sakshi’s Instagram here.

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