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I attended a session on Solutions Journalism and here's what I learnt

Student journalist Amena Fatima writes about her introduction to Solutions Journalism

I attended a session on Solutions Journalism and here's what I learnt

Have you ever wondered why people avoid news ? 

There are multiple reasons for this but possibly the most common reason you can find will be ‘news impacts on your health, thoughts and feelings negatively'. People usually avoid the news because it negatively affects their mood or because they don't know what to do with the information. It feels like the news is all problems and not the whole story. You cannot fix things by simply knowing they are broken. And that's the same with news.

An internship training session with the team at Via News Didi is the source of this information on solutions journalism. This training was given because it’s very important to know about it because it adds value into our lives as a reader as well as an intern or journalist. For us, this information was provided through a session so that we as student interns can be more effective on articles.

Solutions journalism addresses these problems by taking an in-depth look at a response to a problem by observing its effectiveness and limitations. Solutions journalism highlights stories of people fixing problems, local communities finding solutions and innovative ideas improving the world. It makes the people, the active citizens by sharing the information that is essential to solve the problems.

You can find more about solutions journalism here!

The news can be made positive when the people have media literacy and solutions journalism skills, then they can be responsible consumers of and innovative creators of media, for a better tomorrow! Solutions journalism can be an alternative to mainstream news reporting.

Watching this one will add more value to your knowledge on solutions journalism. Know more here!

I personally feel solutions journalism as an interesting thing to be known since I am working as an intern at Via News Didi. Solutions journalism is something that just does not add value in journalism or only for journalists but also for the readers or common  people. It is because, people will not only read the problems but also  know solutions to them and that’s how the problems can reach an end or either be reduced.

Solutions journalism can add value to each individual in a different way. You can read the views of the experienced people in solutions journalism to have an idea on how it can help you.

“ It seems like a very interesting and important aspect of journalism where not just problems  but also the solutions are addressed. It was a totally new thing for me and it's helping me to not just address the problem but also finding solutions to it and adding them to an article. “ said  Ananya Kakar, another intern who attended the session with me. 

“ Solutions journalism not only makes people aware of problems that exist but also provides them ways to deal with that problem. I could learn a lot through solutions journalism like how a complete article would require solutions, how the people are tackling problems which would make more positive news articles. I could really understand that it’s very important to know what has already happened, what is happening and what could be done now, and so I am using this learnings in the journey as an intern. I feel some solutions may not be suitable to the problem or they can’t be addressed since awareness cannot be provided, mindsets of society cannot be changed. I am and will be using the learnings of solutions journalism in all the articles that I write and even search for it in the articles that I read.” said Rupangana Gupta, student intern.

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