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Body Positivity in the Classroom

Student journalist Siddhi explores what it takes to create body positive classrooms

Body Positivity in the Classroom

"I definitely have body issues but everybody does, when you come to the realisation that everybody does (even the people i consider flawless) then you can start to live with the way you are."

- Taylor Swift

After interviewing teachers and students, I've put together some ideas that could help create body positivity classrooms. You can explore them below.

Ankit Agarwal (a school teacher at Avasara academy) explained that "The hardest part of body positivity is to accept your body the way it is and move on" 

So this means ensuring that there is no body shaming in class and not calling out people on the basis of how they look.  He further said that we need to talk to the kids and educate them about how having different body types is entirely natural. Being fit and taking care of oneself is the only thing that matters. Other kids may not understand this and may insult their classmates for being “fat” and “weird.” Such issues can profoundly impact the mental state of the child. Hence, discuss the various consequences that such actions can cause and teach the children about body- positivity.

Yogkimaya ( a body positivity class owner) says, "making sure that people visiting us will love their body is their moto".

Awareness is the only possible solution to such problems they explained. Hence, it is important to provide students the right information and knowledge about such issues. Parents and teachers have to give  students the right direction and guidance. Body-image issues are not only a significant problem among students. Even adults suffer from it. Hence, starting at the right age and having a positive outlook can significantly help in such situations.

To help students work towards a healthy weight, put the focus on a love of real food and physical activity, rather than on the fear of getting fat. Students studying at Avasara academy say

"A school can keep body positivity session which contains encouraging students  an acceptance of self and others with regard to body size and appearance. The session can began with a video on different body shapes and sizes. The meaning of body positivity should be explained to them once to spread awareness so that students are aware about this issue "

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